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I did not think I would actually make today one of the 100 days, but I pushed through. I guess the incentive of challenging myself is working ;-)


  • Finished debugging the last part of adding the second controlled list admin table. Add and remove working
  • Added the third and final admin table
  • Committed


Ready to move on past admin page. Data for the main part of the application can now be entered and things are ready to move to building the main part of the app now.

LOC counts are harder if you don’t commit your code every day. I will have to figure out how I can reconcile committing the done LOCs versus not breaking the build, as it were. I believe using git’s staging capability will be important for doing that, or I might have to go to trunk and a stable branch, or I can use git clone and keep unstable local and my remote repos stable. Any way will teach me more about git, but it will be easier to manage the tasks of this challenge and the requirements of good codebase hygiene to figure one of them out.

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After having to make the day I thought up the idea be my Prologue, January 29 turned out to be fairly easy to make 100 lines of code. Not every day will be this easy, I bet. I also know that I opted for get things done over polish things to perfection. There is definitely some code that should be factored out and made common, but the pattern hasn’t emerged to my brain yet. But the functionality has definitely moved forward


So here are the accomplishments today:

  • Moved a little forward on getting Google App Engine SDK debuggable in NetBeans. I’m pretty sure what I’ve done is leading me down a blind alley and will end up being scrapped, but I can now start up my app in the Google App Engine SDK from inside NetBeans. But breakpoints clearly don’t work, and I am pretty sure it has to do with the execution model of Google App Engine and so the only way to get it working right would be to delve into the internals of the SDK to fix
  • Got the major admin page for my app moving significantly forward. There are 3 “control table” models that provide the inventory in this application, and there’s what I hope is a nice AJAX-y admin page from which I want users to be able to manage those lists. First of 3 lists is done, so you can add and remove items. Made good progress on the second list supporting add and remove


Code is not in a completely stable state: second list’s table for add/remove is not adding quite correctly yet. That will be tomorrow’s work. I should probably put a bit of effort into understanding more about how to debug Google App Engine SDK by either getting it in an interpreter/debugger where I can see breakpoints, or learning how to do printf/stderr/console type logging in it. I am sure it can be done, and answer is probably a google search away. But I’m making progress without it, so it is not the biggest issue.

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So I decided to start blogging my experience the day after I started actually doing the 100×100 challenge. Therefore, I get the benefit of hindsight, especially since I ended up well short of the mark. However, I would have to say the prologue was still fruitful.


Here’s the accomplishments for the day:

  • Automated mounting of the truecrypt drive I keep most of my data on on my laptop (I’ve had a laptop stolen, the idea somebody had my data even though I knew the thieves would wipe the drive bothered me more than I thought). 5 lines of code
  • Installed Google App Engine SDK on my new laptop. Since I last touched my Google App Engine app, I got a new laptop and still hadn’t put the SDK on it
  • Got gitosis running on my re-imaged Joyent Accelerator. I beta-tested their latest image so I’ve installed it about 6 times now: I’m fast at it, but it still needed to be done. 5 lines of code
  • git clone-ed the repository from my home server to the Joyent Accelerator and to the new laptop
  • Installed KomodoEdit and NetBeans 6.5 with jvi and python environment. Decided to try NetBeans as my programming environment
  • Got past the roadblock that arose over 6 months ago when I put this app aside! 15 lines of code


Not too many really. I should probably figure out how to run Google App Engine in the NetBeans debugger.


NetBeans is pretty good. The python environment works fairly well. Like I said, it would be interesting to see if I can debug Google App Engine from inside it.

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So I am going to set myself out a hopefully fun little challenge: 100 lines of code in 100 coding days. It’s my challenge (and if this catches on, my meme ;-)), so I get to define my groundrules.