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dotcom Thousandaire bookmarks - 2010-02-03

  • Mobile Application Part – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • “The Mobile Application Part (MAP) is an SS7 protocol which provides an application layer for the various nodes in GSM and UMTS mobile core networks and GPRS core networks to communicate with each other in order to provide services to mobile phone users.” Wow, a whole new area I know nothing about
    • Posted: Wed Feb 03 23:17:07 UTC 2010
  • Shareaholic for Google Chrome – Google Chrome extension gallery
    • Share any web page with your friends right from the page you are on! This extension adds a button to your browser toolbar. Click the shareaholic icon or use a custom keyboard shortcut whenever you want to share, save, or e-mail the page you’re visiting.
    • Posted: Wed Feb 03 20:01:18 UTC 2010

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Comment bookmarks - 2010-02-03

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