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  • Wondermark » Archive » #541; In which I thought of it First
    • I am guessing this is a nearly universal occurrence for everybody
    • Posted: Wed Sep 09 01:27:11 UTC 2009
  • File: SIGNALS [Unicorn: Rack HTTP server for Unix and fast clients]
    • This is the page on how to send Unix signals (via kill(1)) to the “Unicorn” ruby web server process. The nifty part is that they’ve done a really good job of architecting a system that allows you to gracefully hot-swap code into a running instance without killing any active http requests, and being able to have switch quickly between old and new code. It may be the cleanest thing I’ve seen since looking at how Erlang/OTP gets used in erlang-based webservers, if not cleaner in the ability to have both old and new codebases loaded up and switch incoming requests between them
    • Posted: Wed Sep 09 01:27:09 UTC 2009

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