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100x100 Challenge: January 30, Day 2-150 lines


I did not think I would actually make today one of the 100 days, but I pushed through. I guess the incentive of challenging myself is working ;-)


  • Finished debugging the last part of adding the second controlled list admin table. Add and remove working
  • Added the third and final admin table
  • Committed


Ready to move on past admin page. Data for the main part of the application can now be entered and things are ready to move to building the main part of the app now.

LOC counts are harder if you don’t commit your code every day. I will have to figure out how I can reconcile committing the done LOCs versus not breaking the build, as it were. I believe using git’s staging capability will be important for doing that, or I might have to go to trunk and a stable branch, or I can use git clone and keep unstable local and my remote repos stable. Any way will teach me more about git, but it will be easier to manage the tasks of this challenge and the requirements of good codebase hygiene to figure one of them out.

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