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100x100 Challenge: January 28, Prologue-25 lines

So I decided to start blogging my experience the day after I started actually doing the 100×100 challenge. Therefore, I get the benefit of hindsight, especially since I ended up well short of the mark. However, I would have to say the prologue was still fruitful.


Here’s the accomplishments for the day:

  • Automated mounting of the truecrypt drive I keep most of my data on on my laptop (I’ve had a laptop stolen, the idea somebody had my data even though I knew the thieves would wipe the drive bothered me more than I thought). 5 lines of code
  • Installed Google App Engine SDK on my new laptop. Since I last touched my Google App Engine app, I got a new laptop and still hadn’t put the SDK on it
  • Got gitosis running on my re-imaged Joyent Accelerator. I beta-tested their latest image so I’ve installed it about 6 times now: I’m fast at it, but it still needed to be done. 5 lines of code
  • git clone-ed the repository from my home server to the Joyent Accelerator and to the new laptop
  • Installed KomodoEdit and NetBeans 6.5 with jvi and python environment. Decided to try NetBeans as my programming environment
  • Got past the roadblock that arose over 6 months ago when I put this app aside! 15 lines of code


Not too many really. I should probably figure out how to run Google App Engine in the NetBeans debugger.


NetBeans is pretty good. The python environment works fairly well. Like I said, it would be interesting to see if I can debug Google App Engine from inside it.

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