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Good point about *any* Web Services != RPC

So ordinarily, this post would have gone up as a link in, but the interesting part of it is actually a single quote that flows in the article but is not the main point. So I will just crib the interesting part here. It is worth reading the entire post as it is interesting, but what I want to call out is:

bq.IMO the real underlying problem is that as long as programmers expect to write a class and flip a switch to get a service or one or more RESTful resources then we have nothing really but RPC masquerading as something else. Both resource and service advocates would be well-off in trying to move the developer community to get past the “class is all I need” stage. If REST is successful in getting developers to get their hands dirty more power to it.

Published on 25/07/2008 at 03:44PM under .

Comment Good point about *any* Web Services != RPC

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